Basketball is the fastest growing sport in the world, but it is still difficult to find a
court, organize a game, or find other players to play with. Introducing Check-Up, a social
network that provides a platform for basketball lovers to find courts, organize events, and
connect with other players.
Discuss and share basketball anytime, anywhere.

Social Network

Map of 50,000+ courts

Organize ANY type of event

Youtube Basketball Playlists

Direct & Group Messaging

Court & Event Alerts

Check-Up has over 50,000+ basketball courts, and allows users to find & create events such as pick-up games, tournaments, training, and more.

Stay connected with the culture in real-time in the popular, latest, and nearby newsfeeds. Post and share poll, photos, videos, and more.

Watch and share all the best basketball videos from youtube with our exclusive playlists and featured channels.

Download BETA

Available for iOS now!

Check-Up is a find nearby basketball app,
that allows users to connect, share, and
#checkup on the action in real-time.


Create & Find Events 

Easily set-up events at pre-located nearby courts.

Check-up allows users to set-up & find basketball events at nearby courts such as:

  • Pick-Up Games
  • Leagues
  • Tournaments
  • Training
  • Try-Outs
  • Celebrity Games

Record in Real-Time

Capture and share photo's and videos

Using our Check-Up Cam, record the action in
real-time at the court. Post on court stories
for players to watch the action.

Share & Connect

Send messages to players & Share to Social

Check-Up allows users to
connect with other players,
message their friends,
and share content to their social accounts.

Check-Up was made to solve the everyday issues of basketball players, trainers, fans, and enthusiasts by connecting the game we love in real time under one platform. The brothers believe from their experiences the game has taught them, as well as the help of the community, Check-up will be the future of the new era of sports. 

Armani Williams

Co-Founder / COO / President

Mr. Williams is the co-founder of LocShark and currently serves as the company’s CEO. After setting multiple school and state shooting records in Illinois and pursuing a collegiate basketball career at the University of Texas at Arlington, Mr. Williams has spent the past seven years as a serial entrepreneur. Mr. William’s most successful product prior to launching LocShark was the creation of the bestselling basketball networking mobile app called Check-Up. This application connects basketball players with other local players to find open courts, events, and games either for pick up or league play. Mr. Williams’ entrepreneurial success with Check-up and his skills at growing a technology business will be beneficial for LocShark as it launches into the market.

Arie Williams

Co-Founder / CEO / CTO

Arie is currently working as a Product Designer for Digital Creative Agency in Downtown Chicago. Graduated from Barry University with a Computer Science Degree, Arie was a 4-year standout athlete for the Men’s Division II Basketball team. He also is the most winningest player in school history. Mr. Williams has played basketball at all levels, but has always had a passion for business and technology. From starting a sports-highlight service in grade school, to creating and designing websites and applications in high school. By the time Arie graduated college, his passion for both sports and tech led him to create, Check-up!

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